666 Ways to Take Over The Earth

666 Ways to Take Over the Earth

666 Ways to Take Over the Earth: an indie game mixtape about demonic invasion (and other nefarious concerns).

Rationale and “track listing” here.



Curated by Sergio Cornaga.

Your Own Worst Enemix

Theme: create your own obstacles.


Game list

  • The Terrible Terrible Turret by Leon Arnott
  • Myriad by Erlend Grefsrud
  • SSStop Me by Leon Arnott
  • Cactus Block by chuchino
  • Disc Gunship by Leon Arnott
  • DefeatMe by Kenta Cho
  • Succor by Sean Barrett
  • You Hate You by lefishy


This is a mixtape that has games with different takes on work.

American Dream by Terry Cavanaugh, Increpare and other talented people - Go to work, buy, sell, come home, buy nice things for your house.

Futilitris by Twinbeard - Cannot be described better than this quote: “Every accomplishment I do is outweighed by the need to do more. And my mistakes never go away, they just glare at me forever, even though they’re small and meaningless. There’s not even points. It just gets harder to see and slower to get things done until finally you don’t want to go on.” -Patrick Newnan

And Everything Started to Fall - If you’ve played platformers before, rather than actually playing through, just watch (and skip ahead if bored) the playthrough. The substance and texture of work notable in its absence.

Cow Clicker by Ian Bogost - This game is so perfectly distilled that a casual player might call it “not a business simulation at all”, but it perfectly characterizes a nadir of how games (and perhaps culture as a whole) sometimes approach work. 

Breaking the Tower by Notch - The gameplay is slow (like Cow Clicker) but there is a reality and texture and direction to it.

Manufactoria by PleasingFungus - Though the atmosphere is, on the surface bleak, the cheerful enthusiasm underneath shows through clearly. Work does not necessarily need to be a “gimme” modeled by waiting and/or clicking. It does not necessarily need to be motivated by debt or threat of violence. Work can be its own texture and its own goal.

Arcade Awesomeness Mixtape

This a mixtape that is themed around arcade/retro games. It has four games which are:

1. Zombie Grinder (top-down shooter, retro L4D style game)
2. Cumulo Nimblers (up to 4 player party, coin collection game)
3. Team Fortress Arcade(side-scrolling shoot em’ up game with up to 4 player co-op)
4. Endless Forms: Most Beautiful(arcade platformer type game with 2 player co-op)

They are all highly enjoyable games and I reccoment that you check them out!

Link: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0Bx6iChx4BF_raV9OWnVUQy1hX2M

Videogame is hippies mix tape, vol. 1 (14 tracks)

A punk-inspired mixtape, only with pixels instead of mohawks.


Spooky Things In The Dark (7 tracks)

Features 7 pants-shittingly fscary titles that make your heart pound. Play at night, in a dark room. Alone. With sound up. During a thunderstorm.

Go check it out :)

Curated by Matthias

Halloween Spooktacular Megamix! (11 tracks)

A halloween themed monster mashup (so happy I got to use that pun) that I threw together for the season. Link.

Curated by Zoe Quinn (hi yeah that’s me)

Pixel MixTape (2 sides, 8 tracks, all fun)

Side 1This mixtape is dubbed the “Pixel MixTape" for one vague reason. The games feature pixelate/lowres/minimalist graphics. There are 8 games total with two sides of the tape. Link

cool mix (12 tracks)

From the curator: “ So these are either games that make you FEEL COOL or they have COOL AUTUMNAL VIBES honestly this is the equivalent of taping songs off the radio, and they’re a little longer. That porpentine tape is nice for the short jabs.” Tracks are divided in to side A “FEELIN COOL!” and side b “FEELIN COOL” which are basically the best names for sides ever. Link.

Curated by kyle.

Curating collections of free to play independent games, usually on a theme.

Currently maintained by Zoe Quinn (@zoequinnzel on twitter if you need help or have suggestions).